Yes, it was my birthday party last weekend and of course I can never do anything small in my life and so I wanted:

1) over 200 cupcakes ( I actually got 240! HOW LUSH!), and

2) a Lush-tastic way to display them! I needed a huge cupcake stand!

This is the best way to celebrate for a baby shower or a bridal shower, a birthday party or an anniversary!!! Super versatile and you can make it for any occasion!

Creating one as large as this did take nails, drills, hammers, brackets, screws, paint, and yards of fabric, BUT WHO CARES!

EVERY PERSON THAT WALKED IN WAS AMAZED! Um.. yea, the cupcakes were 8 feet into the air… OF COURSE!


By the way, just so you know, that huge cupcake tower was a “do it yourself” cupcake stand. YES, my minions (ok, not my minions, just my brother and close friend actually) made this for my party. YEP! They made this cupcake stand by themselves!

If you’re doing a shaadi or a graduation party, you could change the fabric to fit the mood. Let me tell you… if you want a conversational piece for your next party… Do It The LUSH Way!


Mistake-proof? CHECK!

Club-proof (a.k.a. the ability to withstand hours of dancing and sweating)? CHECK!

Dummy-proof? CHECK!      


***GO HERE for more about EYES!

It’s what I’ve been wearing. It’s been the best, THE BEST of any eyeliner I have EVER worn! Ladies, for all those wedding receptions where yes, you will sweat and the worry of streaking eyeliner just makes you sweat more or clubbing where you’re dance dancing away and do not want to look like you’re crying tears of ink, THIS “MARKER” IS FOR YOU!

It’s easy. It slides on smooth and it stays. I love it! Use you and tell me what you think!

Thanks, cuties!


 I have been able to make clean, smooth lines like these with this “marker!”


   This is EYE CANDY.

This will not be a step-by-step on creating smokey eyes as I’m sure after reading this you’ll google and youtube it yourself anyways, BUT this is  EYE CANDY so you can see the different sultry looks that IS smokey eyes.




Why you need to know how to do Smokey Eyes… 

Let me make this easy:

  1. make-up wise, a woman with smokey eyes is sexy
    • it exudes confidence, is a strong look that can instantly glam you up, and it can be a dramatic
  2. it is both serious and playful and if worn with nothing more than lipgloss or nude lips, creates a perfect club/party/date/evening look
  3. and, if done correctly, your eyes alone will demand the attention of the people around you

 I think EVERY LUSH needs to learn how to do this as it is a dramatic way to really spice yourself up.


PRACTICE the look. It is not as easy as you think and you don’t want to look like 1) you just got beat up, and 2) you’re trying to impersonate a raccoon during fashion week.


Checkout these dramatic smokin’ Smokey Eyes….


So, get your make-up brushes out and your different shades of sultry and get to learning how to be a Smokey Eyed Woman!



 P.S. If you really want me to post a tutorial, I will. You just have to let me know!

www_l7en_com21_9_2006_12_33_44_pm.jpg     I love how clean and dramtic this is. It’s just so sharp! I’m seeing white or a silver grey and purple in there with the strong black eyeliner. WOW! GLAM! LUSH! LOVE!                              


        smokeyeye2.jpgEven more dramatic with the metallic silver and dark greys! How is this done without blocks of colors on your eyelids? BLENDING. BLENDING is the secret. You have to have nice make-up brushes and if not,



 Smokey eyes don’t have to be ultraglam. If done in a subtle manner, it still makes you stand out without screaming “EYE’M SMOKIN’ HOT!” Obviously, the darker or the more contrast there is between the shades, the stronger the look will look. Her colors are done in dark browns and greys, and not just straight up black.



 Again, a very dramatic and sharp smokey eyes, but not too over done. I’m seeing hues of green and grey in there. Experiment and try different color combos.


I love it! The nude lips makes sure the eyes get all the attention.

What to do with what you have!



eyes_lots11.gif   eyes_lots2.gif

I love furniture. I love minimalist furniture that SCREAMS, “I”M BOLD, I’M A COFFEE TABLE, AND I’M HOT!”

If you never thought that a coffee table could light YOUR fire, then you’ve obviously never seen the new coffee table I’m LUSTING for….


And, even if you’re in a small apartment or just want to add a little fire in your place, Planika Decor has made this possible. Oh, sure. Go ahead and check out their other HOT products (all fire related, STEAMY!), but I’m just going to continue gazing into the fire of my new coffee table!



p.s. the added benefit is that you can instantly grill kebobs as you sit on your couch! LUSH!


If you need more Planika Fire, you can always also get this chic “fireplace. Fire is so Artistic! LOVE IT!



If you ever want me to come over and be comfortable in your house, I need 2 of two things:

 1. Your company, because that would just be weird being over at your house without you, and

2. Some good Chai

Chai, for those of you that do not know, is something like a spiced tea with milk. As any Desi out there knows, it is always served with family and with friends and guests. You know it has become a mainstream “taste” with Panera’s and Starbuck’s selling it (<—not real chais by the way, but I’m still guilty of buying it!). So, Desi or not, it is still a wonderful tea to learn how to make.

I’m still perfecting my version of chai, but will definitely post it once I’ve got it.I make it multiple times a week, but want to come up with an exact formula for the perfect cup of chai. Also, where many use whole milk or skim (I would never do this no matter how much I wanted to lose weight. Give up cupcakes, but not the milk in the chai!), I use canned evaporated milk. For one, you can stock up on this and keep it in your pantry for ANY TIME you want to make chai or during those times guest drop by. I also love and perfer the taste of it in the chai. I’ve tried whole, skim, reduced fat, condensed, powdered, and have decided that evaporated milk is the best.

For you chai drinkers and connoisseurs of chai, tell me your secret for making the best cup of chai, and I just might drop by with my empty teacup!



The usual arsenal:

masalachai09.jpg          258319433_c60344f281.jpg

This is an ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE for every  LUSH!!! Whether you have acne, oily, aging, dry or perfect skin, you have to get this!


Biore’s Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser

Every Desi guy and Dei girl and guy and girl should really look into this product. It’s amazing! It cleans and exfoliates, and will prevent blackheads from your face and reduce pimples from ever popping up.

The scent is pleasant and clean! Don’t worry Desi guys, this face cleanser won’t make you smell like you’re in a flower garden! I would recommend starting out with just using it at night. I always use it every night while I’m in the shower. Squeeze out a little smaller than a dime size amount and rub it into your face. Instantly, you will feel the warming sensation.

Why is this important?In order to clean your pores (which ultimately is the only way to make sure you don’t get pimples), it is easier and more effective when pores are open AND warmth/steam/ heat does this. Thus, the warming takes effect and opens your pores and the medicated cream gets into your pores preventing bacteria which is the cause of pimples. AMAZING!

This will not make pimples just vanish overnight. This is a PREVENTATIVE step. You have to continuously keep your face clean in order to guarantee no new pimples. So, don’t buy this assuming that you’ll have flawless skin the next day. Girl, you gotta work it and it takes work!

Check your local drugstore. Walgreen’s online has it for $6.99. You don’t need to be squeezing loads of it every time you wash. Also, I haven’t tried the St. Ives’ warming face cleanser with the same warming effect, but if it’s cheaper, go for it!

Try it and tell me what you think! I think you’ll love it as much as I do!




My art posts will be from ALL genres. Maybe religious and historic, maybe painful and thought provoking, maybe abstract and even maybe offensive, BUT, art is art and if LOVE AND HATE it, I’m posting it. If YOU get offended over my art posts, I don’t care. Yes, I really don’t, …. but I still would like to hear your thoughts!  :-)! Or, you can always just find something else on my site that you enjoy!



 JOSH BERER, one of the Arabic calligraphist I have highlighted here has left me a wonderful note about one of his upcoming projects! I encourage all of you to check out his link and see how beautiful and inspiring Arabic calligraphy is!


Thanks for the love..
im working on this project, its gonna be 50 lines of poetry silkscreened and bound into a book, so as they come im gonna be posting pics of the process and the results. thanks a lot!


I’m not Muslim, but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate Islamic art and calligraphy.

I do not understand what is written here, but it is still beautiful, AND if it is beautiful, then I’m going to share it with you!

ALSO, check out this BLOG: . AMAZING! everything and more about Arabic calligraphy…!



The art of Miss Kelly Izdihar Crosby, also know as Izzy Mo!

If you like HER stuff, leave HER a note: , 

Check her out: ,

or BUY her art:




Before you continue with this entry, do not judge me. I am beautiful and I have a brain. I am confident, independent and well educated,  and though I may love to write about fashion and music and all those fantastic things, you cannot assume that world politics and the well-being and the plite of the people does not concern me. There are many layers to my mind and you will never know unless you yourself become open to what a beautiful and strong woman has to say. This is LUSH DESI.

***COME BACK ON  MARCH 7th*** BECAUSE I’m launching this blog beginning my online affair with YOU! I’ll have just a couple posts to start us off, then we’re going full swing with updates almost everyday!


Who am I and what the heck am I doing? I’m your Lush!

Welcome, let me get you some chai.  

This is an online guide to being fantastic in all areas of LUSH and DESI. It’s not just good enough to be a HOT desi, you need to learn class, how to carry yourself, AND above all you need to have a brain! This is an online e-zine encouraging DESI girls to be strong, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and fashionable. A LUSH DESI is about a woman that HAS IT ALL–the complete package of beauty AND brains. 

I’m going to write about everything. And, like my headlines says, CLASS and SASS…… I’ll tell it to you straight. BUT, I have to hear back from you. So…

 ***under my entry titles,***  YOU HAVE TO LEAVE COMMENTS so I know what fantastic things are going on in your head. I have my voice, and I want to hear yours. You can leave anonymous comments, but I NEED your feedback! I want to know you’re there!

THIS IS A SITE FOR DESI GIRLS and DESI GUYS (who secretly want to know what DESI GIRLS are up!), but mostly about being a fantastic DESI…. PERIOD!

You should be reading this if you’re hungry and seeking to make yourself more luscious. You’re a desi girl and you need to know and learn how to capture everything about womanhood so that you can be a LUSHDESI!


 I’m writing this primarily because I have this MANGO (a.k.a. my cousin who is a total cutie!), but I feel like she doesn’t have an outlet where she can read, learn, share, vent, drool, hate, love, laugh, and cry about fashion, boys, money, shoes, family, hair, boys, bags, politics, make-up, boys, world problems, school, art, partying, music, boys, and life.

This is my way of saying “You’re HOT! THIS SITE IS JUST GOING TO MAKE YOU HOTNESS!”

I’m going to review beauty products, write about life experiences–mine and all my girl and guy friends, teach you how to decorate your place, lead you to everything LUSH-tastic from the hottest pair of shoes to stationary, answer questions about life and living LUSH, show you how to rock your walk like a supermodel, how to excersize to get a juicy booty (and healthy heart!), help you throw a dinner party for your friends in 1 hour, and find a good cause to help save the world. AND, of course I am here for all those questions and rants and raves about guys!


About guys….I’m also going to interview random desi “single” guys and post them up… just so we know what’s going on in that little head of theirs.

Also, I’m going to have a “LUSH BHABI- HELP ME” entry every so often where I will answer all your questions about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING… totally anonymous, of course, to protect the guilty!

I want to have fun and to learn from you guys, so keep in touch. I’m here because I want you to be happy, to have a place where you can come and read, and if, at the end of the day all I do is make you smile, then lady, I did my job.

***COME BACK ON  MARCH 7th*** BECAUSE I’m launching this blog beginning my online affair with YOU! We’ll start ust a couple posts to start us off, then we’re going full swing with updates almost everyday!

Leave me some love and tell me that you’re as excited about this as I am!

So, this is who I am. Who are you? LushDesi, girl!

Love Love Love,


P.S.I know there are Desi guys out there that want to know about LUSH DESI girls (what a desi girl wants in a desi guy), so I will periodically have stuff up here for those secret dudes that don’t want to admit they love Lush, too! Oh, I know you’re out there!!!


January 2022