Before you continue with this entry, do not judge me. I am beautiful and I have a brain. I am confident, independent and well educated,  and though I may love to write about fashion and music and all those fantastic things, you cannot assume that world politics and the well-being and the plite of the people does not concern me. There are many layers to my mind and you will never know unless you yourself become open to what a beautiful and strong woman has to say. This is LUSH DESI.

***COME BACK ON  MARCH 7th*** BECAUSE I’m launching this blog beginning my online affair with YOU! I’ll have just a couple posts to start us off, then we’re going full swing with updates almost everyday!


Who am I and what the heck am I doing? I’m your Lush!

Welcome, let me get you some chai.  

This is an online guide to being fantastic in all areas of LUSH and DESI. It’s not just good enough to be a HOT desi, you need to learn class, how to carry yourself, AND above all you need to have a brain! This is an online e-zine encouraging DESI girls to be strong, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and fashionable. A LUSH DESI is about a woman that HAS IT ALL–the complete package of beauty AND brains. 

I’m going to write about everything. And, like my headlines says, CLASS and SASS…… I’ll tell it to you straight. BUT, I have to hear back from you. So…

 ***under my entry titles,***  YOU HAVE TO LEAVE COMMENTS so I know what fantastic things are going on in your head. I have my voice, and I want to hear yours. You can leave anonymous comments, but I NEED your feedback! I want to know you’re there!

THIS IS A SITE FOR DESI GIRLS and DESI GUYS (who secretly want to know what DESI GIRLS are up!), but mostly about being a fantastic DESI…. PERIOD!

You should be reading this if you’re hungry and seeking to make yourself more luscious. You’re a desi girl and you need to know and learn how to capture everything about womanhood so that you can be a LUSHDESI!


 I’m writing this primarily because I have this MANGO (a.k.a. my cousin who is a total cutie!), but I feel like she doesn’t have an outlet where she can read, learn, share, vent, drool, hate, love, laugh, and cry about fashion, boys, money, shoes, family, hair, boys, bags, politics, make-up, boys, world problems, school, art, partying, music, boys, and life.

This is my way of saying “You’re HOT! THIS SITE IS JUST GOING TO MAKE YOU HOTNESS!”

I’m going to review beauty products, write about life experiences–mine and all my girl and guy friends, teach you how to decorate your place, lead you to everything LUSH-tastic from the hottest pair of shoes to stationary, answer questions about life and living LUSH, show you how to rock your walk like a supermodel, how to excersize to get a juicy booty (and healthy heart!), help you throw a dinner party for your friends in 1 hour, and find a good cause to help save the world. AND, of course I am here for all those questions and rants and raves about guys!


About guys….I’m also going to interview random desi “single” guys and post them up… just so we know what’s going on in that little head of theirs.

Also, I’m going to have a “LUSH BHABI- HELP ME” entry every so often where I will answer all your questions about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING… totally anonymous, of course, to protect the guilty!

I want to have fun and to learn from you guys, so keep in touch. I’m here because I want you to be happy, to have a place where you can come and read, and if, at the end of the day all I do is make you smile, then lady, I did my job.

***COME BACK ON  MARCH 7th*** BECAUSE I’m launching this blog beginning my online affair with YOU! We’ll start ust a couple posts to start us off, then we’re going full swing with updates almost everyday!

Leave me some love and tell me that you’re as excited about this as I am!

So, this is who I am. Who are you? LushDesi, girl!

Love Love Love,


P.S.I know there are Desi guys out there that want to know about LUSH DESI girls (what a desi girl wants in a desi guy), so I will periodically have stuff up here for those secret dudes that don’t want to admit they love Lush, too! Oh, I know you’re out there!!!