My art posts will be from ALL genres. Maybe religious and historic, maybe painful and thought provoking, maybe abstract and even maybe offensive, BUT, art is art and if LOVE AND HATE it, I’m posting it. If YOU get offended over my art posts, I don’t care. Yes, I really don’t, …. but I still would like to hear your thoughts!  :-)! Or, you can always just find something else on my site that you enjoy!



 JOSH BERER, one of the Arabic calligraphist I have highlighted here has left me a wonderful note about one of his upcoming projects! I encourage all of you to check out his link and see how beautiful and inspiring Arabic calligraphy is!


Thanks for the love..
im working on this project, its gonna be 50 lines of poetry silkscreened and bound into a book, so as they come im gonna be posting pics of the process and the results. thanks a lot!


I’m not Muslim, but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate Islamic art and calligraphy.

I do not understand what is written here, but it is still beautiful, AND if it is beautiful, then I’m going to share it with you!

ALSO, check out this BLOG: . AMAZING! everything and more about Arabic calligraphy…!



The art of Miss Kelly Izdihar Crosby, also know as Izzy Mo!

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