If you ever want me to come over and be comfortable in your house, I need 2 of two things:

 1. Your company, because that would just be weird being over at your house without you, and

2. Some good Chai

Chai, for those of you that do not know, is something like a spiced tea with milk. As any Desi out there knows, it is always served with family and with friends and guests. You know it has become a mainstream “taste” with Panera’s and Starbuck’s selling it (<—not real chais by the way, but I’m still guilty of buying it!). So, Desi or not, it is still a wonderful tea to learn how to make.

I’m still perfecting my version of chai, but will definitely post it once I’ve got it.I make it multiple times a week, but want to come up with an exact formula for the perfect cup of chai. Also, where many use whole milk or skim (I would never do this no matter how much I wanted to lose weight. Give up cupcakes, but not the milk in the chai!), I use canned evaporated milk. For one, you can stock up on this and keep it in your pantry for ANY TIME you want to make chai or during those times guest drop by. I also love and perfer the taste of it in the chai. I’ve tried whole, skim, reduced fat, condensed, powdered, and have decided that evaporated milk is the best.

For you chai drinkers and connoisseurs of chai, tell me your secret for making the best cup of chai, and I just might drop by with my empty teacup!



The usual arsenal:

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