I love furniture. I love minimalist furniture that SCREAMS, “I”M BOLD, I’M A COFFEE TABLE, AND I’M HOT!”

If you never thought that a coffee table could light YOUR fire, then you’ve obviously never seen the new coffee table I’m LUSTING for….


And, even if you’re in a small apartment or just want to add a little fire in your place, Planika Decor has made this possible. Oh, sure. Go ahead and check out their other HOT products (all fire related, STEAMY!), but I’m just going to continue gazing into the fire of my new coffee table!



p.s. the added benefit is that you can instantly grill kebobs as you sit on your couch! LUSH!


If you need more Planika Fire, you can always also get this chic “fireplace. Fire is so Artistic! LOVE IT!