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Yes, it was my birthday party last weekend and of course I can never do anything small in my life and so I wanted:

1) over 200 cupcakes ( I actually got 240! HOW LUSH!), and

2) a Lush-tastic way to display them! I needed a huge cupcake stand!

This is the best way to celebrate for a baby shower or a bridal shower, a birthday party or an anniversary!!! Super versatile and you can make it for any occasion!

Creating one as large as this did take nails, drills, hammers, brackets, screws, paint, and yards of fabric, BUT WHO CARES!

EVERY PERSON THAT WALKED IN WAS AMAZED! Um.. yea, the cupcakes were 8 feet into the air… OF COURSE!


By the way, just so you know, that huge cupcake tower was a “do it yourself” cupcake stand. YES, my minions (ok, not my minions, just my brother and close friend actually) made this for my party. YEP! They made this cupcake stand by themselves!

If you’re doing a shaadi or a graduation party, you could change the fabric to fit the mood. Let me tell you… if you want a conversational piece for your next party… Do It The LUSH Way!



Mistake-proof? CHECK!

Club-proof (a.k.a. the ability to withstand hours of dancing and sweating)? CHECK!

Dummy-proof? CHECK!      


***GO HERE for more about EYES!

It’s what I’ve been wearing. It’s been the best, THE BEST of any eyeliner I have EVER worn! Ladies, for all those wedding receptions where yes, you will sweat and the worry of streaking eyeliner just makes you sweat more or clubbing where you’re dance dancing away and do not want to look like you’re crying tears of ink, THIS “MARKER” IS FOR YOU!

It’s easy. It slides on smooth and it stays. I love it! Use you and tell me what you think!

Thanks, cuties!


 I have been able to make clean, smooth lines like these with this “marker!”