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Mistake-proof? CHECK!

Club-proof (a.k.a. the ability to withstand hours of dancing and sweating)? CHECK!

Dummy-proof? CHECK!      


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It’s what I’ve been wearing. It’s been the best, THE BEST of any eyeliner I have EVER worn! Ladies, for all those wedding receptions where yes, you will sweat and the worry of streaking eyeliner just makes you sweat more or clubbing where you’re dance dancing away and do not want to look like you’re crying tears of ink, THIS “MARKER” IS FOR YOU!

It’s easy. It slides on smooth and it stays. I love it! Use you and tell me what you think!

Thanks, cuties!


 I have been able to make clean, smooth lines like these with this “marker!”



   This is EYE CANDY.

This will not be a step-by-step on creating smokey eyes as I’m sure after reading this you’ll google and youtube it yourself anyways, BUT this is  EYE CANDY so you can see the different sultry looks that IS smokey eyes.




Why you need to know how to do Smokey Eyes… 

Let me make this easy:

  1. make-up wise, a woman with smokey eyes is sexy
    • it exudes confidence, is a strong look that can instantly glam you up, and it can be a dramatic
  2. it is both serious and playful and if worn with nothing more than lipgloss or nude lips, creates a perfect club/party/date/evening look
  3. and, if done correctly, your eyes alone will demand the attention of the people around you

 I think EVERY LUSH needs to learn how to do this as it is a dramatic way to really spice yourself up.


PRACTICE the look. It is not as easy as you think and you don’t want to look like 1) you just got beat up, and 2) you’re trying to impersonate a raccoon during fashion week.


Checkout these dramatic smokin’ Smokey Eyes….


So, get your make-up brushes out and your different shades of sultry and get to learning how to be a Smokey Eyed Woman!



 P.S. If you really want me to post a tutorial, I will. You just have to let me know!

www_l7en_com21_9_2006_12_33_44_pm.jpg     I love how clean and dramtic this is. It’s just so sharp! I’m seeing white or a silver grey and purple in there with the strong black eyeliner. WOW! GLAM! LUSH! LOVE!                              


        smokeyeye2.jpgEven more dramatic with the metallic silver and dark greys! How is this done without blocks of colors on your eyelids? BLENDING. BLENDING is the secret. You have to have nice make-up brushes and if not,



 Smokey eyes don’t have to be ultraglam. If done in a subtle manner, it still makes you stand out without screaming “EYE’M SMOKIN’ HOT!” Obviously, the darker or the more contrast there is between the shades, the stronger the look will look. Her colors are done in dark browns and greys, and not just straight up black.



 Again, a very dramatic and sharp smokey eyes, but not too over done. I’m seeing hues of green and grey in there. Experiment and try different color combos.


I love it! The nude lips makes sure the eyes get all the attention.

What to do with what you have!



eyes_lots11.gif   eyes_lots2.gif